The dating game….

Well I’m not having much luck lately. I haven’t been on a few dates but generally I’m attracting a lot of sms (single man syndrome) blokes. This is a term I created and refer to in my book The Girlfriend Experience. One of the symptoms of sms are guys that … Read the rest

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New Amazon review…..

15 September 2009, 16:22:57

New Amazon review — thanks sooo much XXX

By RRS Bransfield (North of England) -

This is a recommended read for anyone seeking genuine insight into a world underpinned by privacy and discretion.

The book explores a manifestation of `the oldest profession’ in which sex appears … Read the rest

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Dating Sites…

15 August 2009, 11:18:08

Dating sites… mmm….so far I’ve found them a waste of time!

You’d think that if people were desperate enough (no insult intended, I’m browsing myself :) to go on them that they’d at least make an effort. It seems not. It’s so time consuming browsing page after … Read the rest

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