Why do middle class girls turn to high class escorts…..

Generally as a nation we are becoming more and more open about sex and less prudish. Gone are the days where women saved themselves for that ‘special someone’ got married and settled down with 2 point 4 children. Most children have had sex by the time they are 16, many stumble through their teenage years having drunken one night stands, after a night on the alco pops and falling out of night clubs. With this sort of behaviour is  it really such a surprise that some women are tempted to cash in on their promiscuity?

As an ex promiscuous teenager myself, sex never seemed like a big deal. You can give away your body and have fun without giving away yourself  - your soul, your heart. I wasn’t disrespecting myself because I enjoyed having sex with multiple partners, had fun, and had no regrets. Yes I initially did it because of being bullied by men for how I looked. A change of look and some ‘faked’ confidence, grew into real confidence and I suddenly had men falling at my feet. Sleeping with a variety of men helped build my confidence. Yes it wasn’t a great way to do it, but it worked, and I had lots of fun along the way. It was really not the way to do things and I’d discourage anyone thinking of going down this route.

However is it really any surprise that now we are getting children from every ‘class’ turning to escorting? I guess for working class and middle class girls it’s all about the cash, with some middle class kids rebelling, for upper class girls it’s maybe more about doing it for kicks, or as an act of rebellion against controlling parents.

For me at 25, single, and having stopped my promiscuity by the time I finally fell in love at 20, to go back to being promiscuous didn’t seem that big a deal. I’d been there and done that, only this time I was doing it for a different reason – money! Although I had been a rebellious teenager it certainly was not about that any more. I was a grown woman of 25. I’d closed down my exhibitionist side, realizing that subtle was more sexy. I was no longer promiscous, realizing after having a taste of what sex was like with a long term partner and how special and fulfilling it was. I was no longer unconfident, having restored my confidence some 5 years previous and falling in love for the first time.

Escorting was a well thought through and calculated decision. I wasn’t doing it for kicks, I wasn’t doing it for confidence. I’d already got that. I chose to escort purely and simply for the money. It was only after I started escorting I realised all the other perks. Meeting incredibly interesting, inspiring and kind people, dining at Michelin starred restaurants, travelling the world, country house breaks with spas and quad biking, and visiting some of the worlds most beautiful hotels. It was a life style choice.

I wasn’t naive I knew what the job entailed, but I was confident that I could make it work for me, if I did things my way, and made sure I was treated respectfully by the gentlemen I chose to see.

There are even women at my age still going out and having one night stands… and many of those probably judge women like myself that have worked as escorts.

I consider I have more self respect than drunken women having one night stands. Why? because I value myself and as an escort I put a price on myself. For example lawyers charge high fees for their services. The more money you charge the more you value what you offer, and this is no different for escorts.

Other women give themselves away, their dignity and self respect, for what? A drunken rumble with a stranger that hasn’t even taken her out and treated her like a lady – she’s not been a carefully selected lady, the guys just looked for someone he thinks is ‘game’ and has maybe had a few knockbacks before he’s found his prey, the ‘good time girl’ who’s already pissed out of her face so he won’t have to buy her many drinks, and she’s already showing her chest or knickers off to the men in the club. So he buys her a drink so he can get his leg over, and they can go back to his grotty pad for a drunken shag, probably without using protection. Then she wakes up oblivious as to where she is, who she’s with, and feels full of shame and regret and is lucky if she gets a cup of tea in the morning before being sent away for the walk of shame home.

On an escort job, I may not have met the person before but as with dating sites, we’ve exchanged emails and calls, and built a rapport. My gentleman might have even asked me where I’d like to stay, may favourite hotel or restaurant, he’s put thought into arranging the date. I go and meet him, (sober!), maybe have a chat and a drink in the room or the bar before sitting down to a leisurely, relaxed meal, where we may share a bottle of wine as we get to know each other further. After coffee, we make our way to the room, where we might put some music on, and I may light some candles, before we relax and explore each other more intimately.

Ok so there’s two scenarios… who’s got more self respect? Who’s in control of their situation the drunken lass that’s been in a nightclub, or me as a sober escort?

Here’s another bit of food for thought….. what other business could you set up and run with no initial cash outlay or training with such high earning potential?

It’s no wonder that it’s a tempting job for young girls, especially in the material world that we live in today, where teenagers are asking for Prada bags for birthdays and botox. I think the legal age for escorting should be 25 though. It’s not a job that suits everyone, it’s very specialized. You need to be strong minded, strong willed, and not have an addictive personality, if you want to keep your head above water if you chose to work as an escort.

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  1. Alexa says:

    I’m going to disagree with you on setting a minimum age for escorting at 25. I understand your position and how you arrived at it, but don’t assume that, just because your experience has been A that everyone else’s experience is A as well. Calendar age is not a measure of maturity. I know 30 year old women working who shouldn’t be, so setting a random age as the minimum does little but infantilize those under that age. If a woman is of the age of majority (18, in most cases), can vote, serve in the armed forces (and thereby make the decision to give up her life for her own country, which is far more serious IMO than anything you’ve articulated here), then she ought to be able to decide whether or not she can sell sexual services.

    Are some going to get into trouble by going into the profession at the age of 18? Of course. But there are a lot of things that we all do that involve risk, and we don’t restrict entry or performance of those functions to ages that far over majority. ;-)

  2. Bea says:

    It’s fine to disagree Alexa :) Thank you for your thoughts on my post xx What I was getting at is that at 18-20 most young girls think they know it all, and it’s only when you start to get into your twenties you realise you still have a lot to learn, and that you’re not as worldly wise as you thought you were. Of course I’m generalizing, but that’s where I was coming from. By your mid twenties you start to discover who you really are :)

    I think you’re more vulnerable at that age to getting drawn in and addicted to the money, and ending up going down the drugs route.

    I know of teenage escorts that are in a right mess from escorting, and I know that other people are too that are much older, but as far as I’m concerned at 18, girls are still kids.

  3. Alex says:

    I totally agree but how are things girls getting into escorting?

  4. Chelsa says:

    Just stumbled across this blog/post. In regards to the age that a women should be to escort, I agree generally with what you are saying, but I think 25 is alittle bit to old of an age limit, I think 21 or 22 would be appropriate. The thing with an 18 year old girl entering into the industry is that likely have very little experience living as an adult, 18-20, in my experience is the age of regret for most of the female friends that I grew up with, including myself. Also it’s now a known fact that the frontal lobe of the brain, in charge of impulse control and higher level choice making, does not fully develop until around age 21. Also working as an escort requires a lot of streets smart, which is a type of intelligence that develops through life experience. I worked as an escort for a summer when I was 19 and looking back, though I felt extremely mature and intelligent, there are some choices I made that we’re just not wise, for example some older gentlemen with years of life experience were able to manipulate me into doing things I was not ready to do, a young girl might be mature for her age but she is no match for men 2 and 3x her age. I also got caught up into substance abuse to relax my mind and spent nearly all of the money I made, not a wise choice. Now flash forward 6 years later and I am a completely different person, more confident and much more aware of the possible manipulations of others, more then anything I am strong enough now to enforce my true values. I have not worked as an escort for several years, instead I am currently obtaining my MD after years of perseverance and I am a mother now which has obviously dramatically changed my life. I never thought I would go back to thr adult industry, but recently due to major financial need (med school and baby) I went back into it, at least for a temp period of time. My mind set now is to stay away from all substances, stay clean and sober as this can lead to major issues much larger then the emotional dilemma of escorting. I also now work to invest and save my money—you never know if it will last forever l, so I am not shopping at super expensive department stores I am going to Ross and marshals. I also remain discreet in wvery way possible, knowone is aware of what the future holds so its better to not spoil potential options with obviouse pics and/or by sharing personal info. Another thing I do differently now is i charge much more,I invest in high quality photos and marketing and i aim for long term clients (quality over quantity). I also do not drive around in the middle of the night to clients houses, my bedtime is midnight because living like a vampire is psychologically not healthy and can lead to depression and substance abuse. I also do not associate with any drivers, bookers, agencies, that are scummy and or those who don’t value my extreme worth– I am not looking to get pimped out. Lastly I do not dwell on guilt, life experience has shown me that as human beings we are incredibly capable of healing. I am strong enough to see this as a financial choice that can help me to achieve my long term goals I also focus on the positive experiences with my clients and of course if anyone seems shady or my gut is telling me no, i don’t do it, even if that means losing work for a night, once again quality over quantity. Anyways if anyone is reading this, value your worth and don’t allow others to convince you to do anything you don’t want to do, especially agencies, you are in control of your body and your time know one else.

    • Bea says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts on my blog. Everyone has a different idea of what they think the legal age should be. I just think the older the better, for exactly the reeasons you mention – I knew girls in their early twenties that just didn’t have the assertiveness skills. One girl of 22 let herself get so badly bruised through penetration that she couldn’t sit down for 3 weeks, and couldn’t work for over 6 weeks. It breaks my heart that girls allow themselves to be treated in this way. Once self respect is lost that’s when people turn to alcohol/substance abuse. I am pleased you are finally clean and saving your money. You definitely sound like you are doing things the right way this time around. How you work now, is how I worked when I was in the business as an independent for 9 years, and that’s why I kept my head above water so to speak. I wish you all the very best.

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