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I watched on This Morning an interview with a 60 year old escort. She seemed a lovely lady. As I have said before there is no age limit for this business – if you look after yourself you can keep working and working.

Beverley started working when she was 45 and has bedded around 4000 men in her 15 year career!? Which is over a man a day! Wow. I reckon I have seen between 400 and 600 men in the 9 years I worked but I haven’t had sex with every guy, and it’s much less than Beverley because I was specialising in the longer dates, so I would see between 0 and 4 men per week, and I had many regulars.

Her first day at work she slept with 12 men and cried after her first job. It was sad to hear that it upset her. If it made her feel that bad I’m not sure how she can profess to enjoy it, because she must have had to change her mind set somehow to carry on doing it without getting upset. As I discuss in my book the Girlfriend Experience – I didn’t cry after my first job and I only saw the one man it was for an overnight date in Liverpool, and I had been wined and dined.

Beverley got asked the question that frustrates the hell out of me Eamonn Holmes asked if she was desensitised and brutalised mentally so that she wouldn’t be able to have a successful relationship with a man!

It makes me so cross. Those of us that have a successful career in escorting aren’t desensitized human beings, in fact we are the opposite – we are caring and loving individuals who make extremely good lovers, wives and girlfriends because we understand what men want and what men are missing from relationships, enabling us to be far more sensitive as partners than some of the wives/girlfriends of the men we see!  We know how to keep relationships alive and please men, enabling us to have mutually fulfilling, happy relationships when we choose.

I know of escorts 10 years older than me, one is happily married and has been for many years, I know another escort who has been with a guy who was a client for nearly ten years and she still works – so her statement that ‘no men will accept being with an escort’ is completely untrue, and there are many guys that fall for escorts, some are single and divorced others leave their partners/wives for an escort – so there are men out there that accept it; albeit it takes a special type of man, but then it takes a special type of woman to become an escort, or a doctor, or a lawyer…

I wish Beverley all the best and I love that more women are now speaking up about escorting and showing that are not ashamed about working as an escort!

Beverley’s clip can be found here… http://www.itv.com/lifestyle/thismorning/reallife/sixtyyearoldescort/

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  1. I love your line “I love that more women are now speaking up about escorting and showing that are not ashamed about working as an escort!”

    The media needs to see a more positive public image of escorts. I think the majority of companions don’t want the attention (for various reasons) and so stay silent…. but why not start doing positive things to counter common mis-perceptions under our more anonymous escort names?

    This is what inspired me to come up with my idea that I put forth on giveforme.org – to give to charities under our escort names, so that the community can see escorts and other adult service providers as PEOPLE. It is hard to hate and dehumanize someone who does public good…. and if a girl has a website, any ads or listings or reviews, it’s not like when she pops up on donor lists that people won’t already know who she is- everyone surfs adult sites.

    I love your blog :)

    • Bea says:

      Thanks Rachael :) Yes I understand that most ladies want to keep anonymous, that’s why I think it’s great and invauable when ladies do speak out. I do my bit for charity by doing the Race For Life for cancer research :)

  2. John says:

    It’s been around for millions of years, some women can never understand the level of a mans needs.. Women in today’s society tend to only think of themselves and this leads to men paying for attention elsewhere.

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